Comment je fais mes tapis décoratifs

How I make my decorative rugs

by Audrey Lord

All rugs for sale on this site are handmade, by myself! I use 100% wool from LainerieStOurs, in addition to their latex glue and their Primary Backing fabrics (the main canvas on which the wool will be fixed). With the help of my sweet dad, I designed a wooden frame that attaches to my desk with two clamps to be the right height for me. On the frame, we added

Dual Purpose Carpet Gripper all the way around to then be able to attach a canvas.

So, when I'm ready to start, I set up my canvas (very taut, like a drum) and then I put my frame on my desk. Next I install a system to feed the wool. If I have specific designs to do, I will trace my sketches onto the canvas and sometimes I use a mini projector. I grease my tufting machine and GO! With two cones of wool, I begin my work.

Once my frame is filled with creations, it's their GLUE. I put glue all over the back of the carpets created, important to saturate well. I let it dry for 48 hours and I cut all the carpets after that. Once cut, I glue a 1" edge inwards with hot glue to make a slight waterfall effect (I always burn my fingers at this stage...) and I trim everything with a carpet razor and scissors . I pay particular attention to placing the colors of overlapping yarns well to create straight and clean lines. The last step is the finishing of the behind. The vast majority of my creations are decorative rugs to hang on the wall, of which I glue a piece of felt cut out of the shape of the rug and I sew half a silver ring on it.

The process is very long and has a lot of steps and requires perfecting when finishing. This is why the price of my creations does not only equal the cost of the materials; there is also all my time, my sweat and my passion! <3

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