is a cute brand of clothing, accessories, decoration and stationery from Montreal artist/illustrator Audrey Lord.

About is a cute brand designed by illustrator and self-taught multidisciplinary artist/crafter Audrey Lord. With her illustrations as a starting point, she creates handmade or printed products to reflect her cute, dreamy and comforting aesthetic and atmosphere ; screen printed clothing, accessories, handmade home decor, prints and stationery. Her ultimate goal is to bring comfort and calmness to everyone through her creations, like the purring sound of a cat. ♡

She studied in graphic design in Montreal and got hooked her screen printing classes and won a Grafika prize as a graduate for a collective screenprinted illustration book called Série Bleue. Since then, she started to sell printed shirts with a friend and that's where it all began. Now, the project touches different facets that reflect her multidisciplinary spirit: screen printing, rug making, pompom making, printing techniques, painting, etc... The sky is the limit! ˚₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳

Trained as a graphic designer, Audrey fell in love with screen printing and textile printing during her school years, and it was learning this method of manual printing that gave her an interest in craftsmanship. It encouraged her to start a new medium by herself, and in 2021, she chose to learn tufting. A craft practice for making rugs using a tufting gun that is fascinating.

In addition to, she also works as a graphic design technician at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and as a freelancer. She draws a lot of inspiration from Japan, her childhood obsessions such as Sanrio and magical girls cartoons, as well as cute video games.

Through, there is a constant search for comfort and softness. Audrey's art always aims to reassure her anxieties and heal her inner child.

En 2021, j'ai acheté un tufting gun et j'ai appris à faire des tapis artisanaux par moi-même.

Audrey devant sa table au Marché Créatif des fêtes au Locoshop Angus, décembre 2022

Audrey qui fait de la sérigraphie chez Studio Intik, janvier 2022